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Kregzo is a creative community that validates your idea, connects you with mentors and takes your concept to the market. Itís a one stop shop for entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem.

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Someone who has or is in the process of creating an innovative idea / startup.

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[men-tawr, -ter]

An expert who is willing to guide and assist new ideators and creators with his/her expertise.

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[in-ves-tawr, -ter]

A financial expert who is willing to fund your idea / startup to accelerate its growth.

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  • Sign up! During the registration process, fill out your profile, tell us about yourself.
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Create Something New

  • Pen down your idea and get it validated.
  • Take your idea from Concept to Market.
  • Get help from Mentors and access to Investors.

Contribute To Ideas

  • Take part in the Validation and Development of potential Unicorns.
  • Discover awesome Innovations, Startups and Partners to Contribute to.

Meet Inspiring Mentors

  • A good Mentor can help you hatch your Idea quicker.
  • Get advice and insights at various stages of your business from the much-needed experts.
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