Our Team

We’re a team of regular, happy regular Janes, Joes and Jays who realized that dreams don’t fit in a box or a cubicle. They need their own Creative Zone. 

And we’ve met so many wonderful people along the way who share our vision.

Meet, the Core Team

Or as we like to call them, the super trinity.

Nitin Bhalla 
Founder & CEO

Nitin is the spark behind the fire at Kregzo.

He started Kregzo in 2018, and since then has been awarded as Entrepreneur of the year has mentored at amazing global tech fests and has been a serial speaker at startup events. 


Roshal Mascarenhas
Co-founder & CMO

Roshal aka Rosh is the community glue at Kregzo. 

After a successful career in marketing for MNCs & government clients, she joined hands with Nitin to set roots for accelerating the growth of the Kregzo community. She brings life to the brand values of Kregzo and keeps the community (and the team!) on its toes. 

Aman Singh
Co-founder & CTO

Aman is the  technical genius who lives and breathes innovation at Kregzo. 

Besides being Ex-Microsoft and Ex-infosys, Aman is also a serial entrepreneur responsible for the innovative tech behind many-a start-ups. He holds the secret to the magic behind Kregzo’s community-first algorithm.

Our Mentors

We credit our journey so far to the guidance of these amazing humans. 

Dr Mazdak Rafaty

Dr Mazdak or as we respectfully call him Maz, is the Senator at World Master Academy, Chairman of the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) and sits on the board for Hansen & Rosenthal AG. 

Sandhya Prakash

Sandhya is a serial entrepreneur and a leading figure in the sustainability movement in India and the UAE. She has also been the Director of Founder’s Institute, the world’s first pre-seed accelerator. 

Bob Kohli

Bob is an avid entrepreneur at his very core, and is an alum of  Columbia business school and is ex-Bain & Company. He sits on the board for many reputed family businesses in UAE.  

Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassador program has given us so many amazing stars who are now a vital part of the Kregzo family, and will always be. 

Imnah Varghese

Arshi Khan

Raghav Bansal

Prithvi Kantameneni

Abhiram Sunkavalli

Karthik Ahuja

Joshua Dcosta

Shreya Tiwari

Shagun Bohra

Radhika Singh

Seerat Parvaiz

Shivam Uppal

Keegan Kurien