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Powered by an algorithm that recognizes your startup’s and your organization’s key audience and connects you to your early adopters, Kregzo is trusted by thousands of early stage entrepreneurs from across the world. 


$ 0 per Month
  • Unlimited community interactions
  • Networking with explorers
  • Earn Rewards
  • Job Board
  • access to knowledge tank
  • Participate in events


$ 30 per User per Month
  • All Explorer Features
  • Startup Venture Builder
  • Unlimited mentor sessions
  • Post unlimited Jobs
  • Unlimited MVP tests and user surveys
  • Unlimited start-up collaborators
  • Investor connect
    Mentor Connect

Mentor / Investor

$ 0 per Month
  • All Explorer features
  • Unlimited session management
  • Startup recommendations
  • Private Dashboard
  • Networking with mentors & investors

    Access to exclusive events


Get In Touch
  • All persona based features +
  • your own private ecosystem
  • no additional charges for private users
  • Intra-platform data privacy
  • User access to global platform

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Community Access

Discover Ideas

Investor Connect

Mentor Connect

Co-founder/Team member matching

Post Startup Jobs

Validation Dashboard

Session Management

Chat & Messaging

Knowledge Tank

Private Ecosystem

Startup Data & Analytics

Post Investment Support

Access to Exclusive Events


Kregzo has differing costs as per your goals, so that you pay for what you want. 

Creators/ Startup founders pay $30, while Explorers (9-5 professionals, students, or aspiring creators) can explore Kregzo for free! 

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking to start working on their idea, or a start-up founder looking to connect with the right people, YES, Kregzo is THE platform for you

If you want to simply connect with like minded people, maybe contribute to someone’s idea, or just look around and discover new innovations – you could opt for the FREE explorer plan!

You can make direct connections with influential people, and even join startups by applying for jobs. (Imagine having CMO, CFO, CTO against your name! ) You can even gain rewards by giving your feedback to startup founders directly or even by simply checking out innovations !

It’s hard for a single startup to exist in a lonely system. Entrepreneurs function best when supported by a community of people, organisations and other startups that surround them. This is what we refer to as a startup ecosystem. 

A startup ecosystem can be made by a local or regional community, incubator, accelerator or even a VC firm! 

Yes, you can switch from one persona  or profile type to another. You must have a pre-existing Kregzo account, and to switch you just need to email us at [email protected]


Kregzo members can only see your startup name and any data you choose to share with the community. 

When you use the startup builder on Kregzo, all your data is encrypted and safe with ONLY the creator of the idea. 

Kregzo is a startup ecosystem, which means we consider accelerators & incubators our partners and we work with them to build stronger ecosystems for their startups. 

Yes, you can connect with investors as you build your idea using our startup builder.

On the other hand, your profile is also recommended to relevant investors who have a proven history of investing in the same industries as your startup. 


Yes you can validate your ideas directly with the right customers.

People who understand the industry leave feedback on your idea and also give you a price range if they do decide to buy from you when you launch your product/service. 

Yes! We do have both Android and Apple apps so that you can be connected to innovation, always. 

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