How it works

Step 1: 

Select persona & pricing plan 

Your persona is your profile type. 

This determines what actions you can take within the Kregzo community, and a custom experience is generated for you based on your persona of choice. 


Step 2: 

Select communities you’re interested in

Select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 communities that interest you, or communities that your startup idea falls under. 

This will generate a community feed and idea feed thats hyper focused on your interests. Zero clutter, zero distractions! 


Step 3: 

Engage, build, collaborate on Kregzo

Et Voila! A customized feed is generated for you on the basis of your persona type and communities of interest. 

You can now chat with people, network, use our startup builder if you’re a creator, create your first mentor session, or even explore the new ideas from innovators from across the globe. 

Don’t forget to check out our knowledge tank for handpicked video content!